Jeff Joyce CPDT-KA

Program Manager

Jeff has been around a variety of animals from a very young age. Many summers were spent working and learning on his Grandparents and Uncle’s & Aunt’s farms in Tennessee. He also mentored with a former champion jockey and expert horseman who rescued track horses scheduled to be euthanized, providing them a home for the remainder of their lives. In addition, he mentored with a breeder/trainer learning the development of young dogs, canine/human interaction and communication. These were all valuable life lessons that were learned at an early age and remain today as core values when caring for, communicating with, and learning from animals and humans alike.

Teaching and training is both a science and an art. Understanding the science behind training is important but the timing and application of it is crucial to the overall process. Everything starts with forming a relationship, then blossoms into understanding and learning for both humans and canines. Jeff believes in simple guiding principles and a teaching philosophy based on four pillars of relationship bonding:  Motivation, Communication, Mutual Trust and Mutual Respect. The experience between the human and canine working and learning together will create, strengthen and maintain a bond for a lifetime.

Jeff was recently certified by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and is a member of The Association for Professional Dog Trainers (APDT). Over the years he has been professionally trained and certified in sales, marketing, time management, youth coaching for his children’s various sports activities (baseball, soccer and wrestling) and is currently, nationally certified, Rider Coach and Rider Coach Trainer for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (since 2002).  In addition, he is the former Chief Instructor for University of Illinois Motorcycle Rider Program.

As a life-long learner, he enjoys reading books on training/canine language/animal behavior/ psychology, plus watching DVDs, taking online classes and attending seminars on the same subject matter. Real world learning is based off of numerous years of volunteering for various shelters, rescues, humane societies and animal control. Mentoring and collaborating with colleagues is an invaluable resource to his canine training education. Joining the A Sound Beginning Program team reinforces Jeff’s desire to continue learning, sharing, and growing  as well as becoming a more significant partner in the complete training process for both ends of the leash!

Jeff has been married to his soul-mate for 34 years. He also shares his life with his canine companions and dog mentors, Missy and Lilly. They continue to teach Jeff the value of the Human-Canine bond.

LOCATION NOTE:  Jeff is located in Englewood, FL and services the counties of Sarasota and Charlotte.

If you are interested in A Sound Beginning services in Florida, you can contact Jeff directly at:

Business Line:  941-716-7458
Email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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