Lisa Jo Clark

Program Technologist

I have always had a strong love for dogs and this love brought me to my life’s passion of working with rescue dogs. As a longtime volunteer at an animal shelter and with dog rescue organizations, I have been on the ground at puppy mill and hoarding rescues and have worked on the rehabilitation of many dogs with fear-based anxiety and trust issues.

While attending a training class with one of my own registered Pet Therapy dogs, I met Julie Dorsey-Oskerka and was immediately impressed with her training methods and her keen understanding of dog body language. Because of our mutual love of both dogs and positive reinforcement training methods we quickly became friends.

When Julie asked me to look at a galley copy of the A Sound Beginning book I was excited because I knew she was on to something great. Here was a simple to follow 14-day program that could help adopters navigate that important period when bringing home a newly adopted dog -- that critical piece of the puzzle that could help to make adoptions stick. As a rescue worker I was all too familiar with the heartache of having a wonderful dog returned because a well-meaning adoptive family moved too fast or didn’t read the cues the dog was giving about needing time to adjust in order to build a bond.

A dog coming into rescue may often go through several transports, to a shelter and to one or more foster homes before finally going into an adoptive home – that’s a lot of scary change! While serving as a Director with English Bulldog Rescue I asked Julie if she would be willing to talk about the book to our foster homes and, of course, she was happy to spread the word. The program was well-received and just the support we needed. We implemented the book as a mandatory protocol for all foster home and adoptive homes and realized immediately the positive impact it made on easing dogs safely and sensitively through all of the transition phases of rescue.

When Julie told me that she was planning to expand the book and CD into a comprehensive program that included training classes and additional support for adopters, and asked if I would be willing to help, I knew that I wanted to be a part of this important work. With over 25 years of experience in corporate technology leadership I could use my skills to help the team build out the technology infrastructure that would be needed to administer the program and reach a wide audience.

I believe in this program and this team of dedicated trainers and our common goal of helping to bridge the language barrier between canines and humans. This program is changing the face of rescue – one dog at a time.

  • Volunteer – West Suburban Humane Society
  • Volunteer – PAWSitive Therapy Troupe
  • Director - FBM America
  • Member - Animal Rescue Corps
  • Member – Best Friends Animal Society


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