Lisa von Pechmann

Animal Massaage and Acupressure

I have been practicing animal massage for over twelve years, including acupressure and energy healing. My journey started with one sick dog. I found that a combination of techniques worked best to help him. My husband and I now have three Labrador Retrievers and two house rabbits - all rescues. For several years I have been volunteering at Du Page Animal Care and Control, massaging animals so that they will be calmer and more easily adoptable. I travel to people’s homes to massage their animals and also teach them how to continue to apply these techniques to continue the benefits at home.

I have studied massage with Bruce Breganzer (Companion Animal Touch and Therapies), Denise Theobald (Chicago School of Canine Massage), Chinese Medicine with Jeri Petz (Jade Acupuncture Clinic),  Energy healing with Bonney Rega (senior healing conductor in the Sufi Healing Order), levels I and 2 of FLOW. I am a member of IAAMB and ABMP.

Unlike petting your dog, massage manipulates tissue in a way to provide very different physical and mental benefits. Since it affects the body’s circular, nervous, and immune systems, massage can ease joint and muscle pain, improve range of motion, drain toxins, aid in healing after surgery or injury, and reduce anxiety and stress in fearful animals, among other benefits.  

Massage is of great benefit and support for all dogs in the A Sound Beginning Program, and especially for dogs that are fearful or anxious. It will reduce stress, lessen fear, build trust, and is calming and healing. Fear can come from confusion, anxiety, pain and confinement. Massage can address these issues. Many people think of massage as just deep tissue manipulation, but therapeutic massage for animals is a very tight touch, as if you were gently touching your own eyelid. So it is reassuring for stressed dogs. A dog loves to get scratched on the belly, a cat behind its ears, and a rabbit on his cheeks, but with the knowledge of massage and acupressure we can do so much more.

To schedule an in-home massage for your dog, Lisa can be contacted directly at:

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