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Would you like to know more about your dog?  Would you like to prevent mistakes and create a positive training plan without being overwhelmed? Whether you just got a puppy, recently adopted, or even if you’ve had your dog for a long time...this is a great option to get you started off on the right path!

Intro to Training is offered as a Live Webinar for those who prefer the convenience of an online offering. 


  • A copy of the Book/CD “Adopting a Dog? Start off right with…A Sound Beginning”
  • One Hour Class / Instructor uses PowerPoint and video presentation
  • Q&A time with the instructor at the end of the class
  • Membership to the “A Sound Beginning Program” – online access to our  behavioral and training support system


  • STEP 1:  Purchase the Intro to Training Live Webinar package
  • STEP 2:  A copy of the Sound Beginning Book & CD will be shipped to you.
  • STEP 3:  Within 24 hours of your processed payment your customer login account will be given access to the Members section of our site where you can view/download training exercises and handouts.
  • STEP 4:  You will receive an email with detailed instructions for registering for either the in-person class or the Live Webinar


  • NOT EVERY WAG MEANS THEY’RE GLAD - Learn what your dog is saying by understanding the communication and language of dogs AND learn what YOU can do to help your dog understand YOURlanguage!  
  • GOOD DOG! - Establishing a trusting relationship begins with the foundation of positive reinforcement training. We'll address existing behavior problems while teaching you how to prevent new ones from developing.
  • MINE! Learn how to prevent a dog from guarding things of value and what to do if you need to take something away.
  • WHO IS THAT? Teach your dog to be comfortable around new people, places, other animals, and cope with changes in their environment.


Should you decide at a later time to participate in the The Complete Training Package with your dog, we have a special discount available to continue in the program. 


Terms: Purchasing the Intro to Training package signifies that you agree to the following Terms of Service.




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The A Sound Beginning CD is now also available in a digital MP3 Format!!!

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Friendly Support

We're here to help. Our experienced trainers guide you through every step of the process as you learn how to build a lifetime relationship with your dog based on trust and understanding. 

Quick Start Package

Would you like to know more about your dog? Would you like to prevent mistakes and create a positive training plan without being overwhelmed? Check out our Intro to Training package.

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In-Home Training

For those who prefer personalized training in the comfort of your home, we offer several options with one of our experienced behavioral trainers using only humane, science-based methods.

Modular Classes

Our classes are modular so that you can choose a location (throughout Chicagoloand) and time that best suits your schedule each week. View our calendar for upcoming sessions.