The use of music at specific points in the training is a brilliant way to help everyone relax, and thus improve the training process, without taking any extra time.

-- Ann Allums, CPDT-KSA, Special Programs Coordinator, The Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Greenville, SC

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This step-by-step book, including a CD of calming piano music, is a 14-day program designed to make it easy for anyone to prevent mistakes and create a positive start from the very first day you bring your new dog home. Safely introduce kids, new adults, other pets, and establish a routine that will build trust and confidence to last a lifetime…setting your dog up for success!

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I have long awaited a resource to help my clients skip over making all the bad mistakes and avoid following the flawed advice of dominance trainers and the Internet. This great little book and its companion CD is it! It offers fresh, unique, and easy to follow daily steps. It helps to set just the right tone with its calming music to build an environment of trust, consistency and predictability. Following its gentle and positive methods will help create that all important bond to a forever home.

-- Fiia Jokela, DVM, Dipl. ABVP (Canine/Feline Practice), Deer Run Animal Hospital, Schererville, IN


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