ORANGE - On Your Mark, Let's Go (ACL)

ORANGE - On Your Mark, Let's Go (ACL)

ORANGE Class Focus - On Your MARK, Let's GO

THIS IS THE CLASS THAT MUST BE TAKEN FIRST and it is without your dog. Let’s get started with the first steps on the Path to Success by:

  • Using SOUND and SCENT to help provide a calm environment for your dog
  • Learning how dogs communicate and how your own body language is interpreted by them
  • Using marker based training for a totally positive approach to a healthy learning environment for both you and your dog
  • Avoiding conflict - Safely prevent guarding of resources by learning how to handle food, toys, and objects of value
  • Using a Safe Place to help your dog comfortably fit in to his new home
  • Teaching acceptance of handling and grooming
  • Increase good behavior by learning how to capture and reinforce
    • Name Recognition (Attention)
    • Sit (Say Please!)
    • Touch (Management)


  The training facility is two doors East of the Animal Care League building.

Event Properties

Event date 09-18-2019 7:30 pm CDT
Event End Date 09-18-2019 8:30 pm CDT
Capacity 6
Registered 4
Available Seats 2
Cut off date 09-17-2019 11:55 pm CDT
Instructor Erica Kendzora
Number Hours 1
Location Animal Care League Annex (Oak Park)
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