Karla Paschon 

Assistant Trainer

I wanted my own dogs for years . . .  my parents told me I could have all I wanted when I was out on my own. I vaguely remember a family dog when I was growing up that kept running away. I adopted from Collie Rescue of Greater Illinois, I looked at my new best friend and thought, now what?? He was young and rather mischievous so I searched for positive reinforcement classes, which many years ago were not so easy to find, but it was worth all of the time and effort. I enrolled in our first class, and discovered how fun and rewarding they were, and that my dog was really smart! After class my dog came up to me, and put his head on my lap as if to say THANKS!

We were both so happy that I knew that I made the right choice. We even passed the test to become a Certified Therapy Dog team through Therapy Dogs International and visited nursing and retirement homes. Seeing the joy a dog can bring to others can be very humbling.

I enjoyed dog training so much, that in 2002, I enrolled In Animal Behavior College and became a certified dog training instructor. I strongly believe in the importance of continuing education. I have taken and continue to take classes, seminars and workshops and have been fortunate to train with some well-known mentors along the way.

Over the years I have trained dogs and taught classes at various facilities in the Chicagoland area. I have also sharpened my observational skills by serving as a playgroup leader for several dog daycare businesses. As a volunteer with Collie Rescue, I foster and help adopters through the transition period. Joining the A Sound Beginning Program is a natural fit since the focus is on building a trusting relationship and helping people on the Path to Success.


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