Susan Johansen 

Assistant Trainer

My earliest memories include the love of dogs. Before we had our first family dog I even went so far as to “borrow” our backyard neighbor’s collie so we could just hang out together. Stuffed animals lined my bed and toy box. Mom and Dad finally brought Tara, a little black Chihuahua home and my passion for understanding dogs and the human-canine bond was ignited!

My background includes social work and teaching. I have been fascinated learning about human-canine interactions and promoting positive, healing connections through pet therapy. Five of my dogs have served as Delta Society/Pet Partners as registered Therapy Dogs as well as my Sophia who currently is a certified Crisis Response Comfort dog.

Learning all I can about positive reinforcement, how dogs communicate using their body language, and how to effectively teach both sides of the leash to calmly communicate and live with each other is my passion. My desire to work with a large variety of dogs led me to volunteering to train dogs at DuPage County Animal Care & Control and also as a consultant for a large rescue.

It is of paramount importance that people and their new dog have post adoption support and training, especially when the “Oh no! What have I done?” moment of panic happens! Through the A Sound Beginning Program, and the Path To Success classes, we can do just that. Discovering just who your new dog is and how he operates……step by step, not all at once, will build a lasting bond of confidence and joy!

  • Certified Dog Trainer - Animal Behavior College with Honors
  • Member – APDT Association of Professional Dog Trainers
  • Member - Doggone Safe and Be A Tree Licensed Presenter
  • Member - Delta Society/Pet Partners
  • Member - PAWSitive Therapy Troupe
  • Member - HOPE Animal Assisted Crisis Response
  • Volunteer Trainer - DuPage County Animal Care & Control
  • Consultant – Big Hearts For Paws Rescue
  • Private Trainer

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For those who prefer personalized training in the comfort of your home, we offer several options with one of our experienced behavioral trainers using only humane, science-based methods.

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