Liz Geisen KPA-CTP


I have loved dogs my entire life. It wasn't until I volunteered and later worked for a humane society that I realized that I had a passion for a career in animal care and welfare. As a veterinary assistant since 2007 and now also a trainer at Deer Run Animal Hospital, this passion continues to grow.

I continue to build my knowledge base and have completed many courses in canine communication, dog bite prevention, clicker training and how to make the lives of pets less stressful in the shelter environment, once adopted in the new home, and when visiting the veterinary hospital.

In 2013 I was accepted into the Karen Pryor Academy for Dog Training Professionals, where my knowledge increased immensely and I joined one of the most fantastic groups for positive training and learning. To me it there is no better way to train and communicate with animals than with the clarity and brilliance of the clicker method.

Seeing that "light bulb" moment of understanding between an animal and their human is really an amazing experience. Knowing that I helped them to “see the light” is even better!

I love working with puppies, as who could resist their cute faces, but it is the dogs that have been abandoned and discarded that I feel the deepest calling to help. Working with shelter and rescue dogs, who often have some baggage behind them, are my favorite students. They have had their world shattered for one reason or another, and yet they still are hanging on to that hope that one day someone will come and love them like they were meant to be loved. When I can help build that bond of trust again it is an amazing feeling!

I joined the A Sound Beginning Program during its developmental stages and have loved watching it grow! It has been an inspiration and an honor to learn and work with some of the best and brightest trainers in the Chicagoland area.

  • Presenter for the Doggone Safe, “Be A Tree” Dog Bite Prevention program
  • Presenter for Family Paws Parent Education (Dogs and Storks & Dogs & Toddlers Programs)
  • Certified Instructor for Karen Pryor’s Puppy Start Right Preschool
  • Completed Karen Pryor Academy Course on Shelter Enrichment written by fellow ASB Colleague, Leanne Falkingham
  • Certified in Dr. Sophia Yin’s Low Stress Handling of Dogs and Cats Certification Program
  • Certified Veterinary Assistant By VetMedTeam


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